Everyone loves to give their opinion!  And, equally, others value opinions left regarding a particular business or service.  It's been said 'you can't please all the people all of the time', so you are bound to get a bad review from time to time.  Don't fret!  A bad review or two is not the end of the world, in fact, more often then not these can help to boost the validity of your reviews in general. 

Spiteful or Malicious Reviews

With that being said, there are those out there who just wish to cause harm, former employees seeking revenge and so on.  If you feel that you are the victim of such a review, let us know immediately.  Our 5 member panel will investigate the review and determine its validity.  If we determine that the review is false or not submitted by a real person, it will be removed.  If it is determined to be accurate, the review will remain, however you will have the ability to post an "Owner Comment", in which you can explain your site of the complaint.

To dispute a review, log into your account, click on the REVIEWS link, find the review in question and click the DISPUTE button at the top of the page.  Add your comments and click SEND.  We'll take it from there!