Job Responsibilities

  • Manage all the daily operations that take place in the company.
  • Planning operation from the beginning and implementing them after approval of the higher authorities.
  • Coordinate between the different departments
  • Increase between the different departments
  • Keep a close watch on the budgets of each department
  • Should know and understand workings of each department.
  • Implement strict budgetary controls.
  • Solve all the problems that arise through the day.
  • Delegation of duties to the right employees.
  • Collecting reports from all the departmental heads.
  • Make suggestion for promotion as they work with all the employees closely and know the capabilities of each individual.
  • Help the management make plans for future business ventures.
  • Identify potential markets.

Education Required

  • Business Administration
  • Years of experience working in any department of the company
  • Knowledge of the latest market conditions; should competent in using computers