Job Responsibilities

  • Perform work of a diverse character. Conduct bookkeeping, purchasing, accounting, inventory control, and clerical/ administrative functions.
  • Assist with budget preparations; handle accounts; make bank deposits; maintain ledgers; pay bills; prepare financial statements and reports including the profit and loss statement and balance sheet; receipt money; reconcile bank account; set up cash box events; distribute money with departments; collect funds; assist travelers in balancing their bookkeeping ledger and receipt books; assure expenditures are in accordance with code balances for item acquisition; keep the supervisor informed as to the balances of internal accounts; and prepare payroll.
  • Conduct invoice activities and pay vendors for delivered materials.
  • Provide inventory support
  • Maintain office materials and supplies at levels to sustain school/ department operation; obtain medical supplies and materials from the school district warehouse; receipt and store them; enter new equipment obtained with local funds into the fixed asset information system, tag new equipment, enter data into the inventory, prepare inventory report, and account for all fixed asset equipment owned by the company.
  • Bank statement reconciliation.
  • Problems associated with the fixed asset managers regarding correct procedures or problems associated with maintain accurate records.


  • 3-5 years previous experience in bookkeeping and accounting
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Courses in bookkeeping